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What is the Corrosive Sulfur Test?

Corrosive sulfur is a potential problem in transformer oil. Testing for it will determine whether your oil has this problem. If left unchecked, corrosion damage caused by corrosive sulfur can become severe enough to the point of failure. Andy Shkolnik explains the test and why it matters.

Read More September 06, 2022
Safety Protocol

How to Avoid Downtime and Dangers when Sampling

No one wants to de-energize their electrical system and be inconvenienced with downtime. And sampling on energized units poses unique dangers and safety risks. Here’s how to avoid both downtime and dangers.

Read More September 02, 2022
Sdmyers Field Service Truck Insulmax No. 5 IM5

Our Newest Field Service Truck

We call her “IM5,” but you can call her the newest SDMyers field service rig. Either way, she’s a beauty and ready to hit the road. Discover why she is one of the country's most advanced mobile repair and oil processing rigs.

Read More August 08, 2022
Transformer Image Black And White

Can You Predict the Lifespan of a Transformer?

This is a question we get all the time. And in this video, Jason Dennison (Director, Diagnostic Analytical Services at SDMyers) talks about if we can accurately estimate or predict the lifespan of a transformer.

Read More August 03, 2022
Why Are Liquid Levels Important In A Transformer

Why is Liquid Level Important in a Transformer?

Transformer liquids provide dielectric strength and cooling for a transformer. A transformer is designed for the liquid to maintain dielectric protection against high voltages, but the optimal level must account for expansion and contraction based on temperature. As the temperature of the transformer goes up, the fluid expands. As the temperature of the oil goes down, it contracts.

Watch and listen as Bob Rasor, Director of Transformer Services, explains the importance of liquid levels in more detail.

Read More June 24, 2022
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