Safety is an investment you’ll never regret.

Substation hazards are severe and managing them effectively is undeniably crucial. The good news is that industry advancements have made enhanced safety more accessible and affordable than ever before. Investing even a little can drastically reduce task times and allow you to perform inspections with fewer personnel.

There is more to safety than dollars and cents. With your people protected from the most extreme hazards, your investment in safety could literally save lives.

Identify and eliminate your risks.

Protecting your people is all about prevention. Understanding the risks associated with electrical power systems means that you can anticipate them and, more importantly, implement proven practices to prevent hazardous conditions. We’ve honed down electrical safety to four basic steps.


A safety plan is an innovation plan.

Safety doesn’t just happen. It’s the result of decades of practical knowledge and engineered solutions. SDMyers has committed to innovating solutions that keep your people out of harm’s way. Simple equipment modifications can eliminate life-threatening risks and ensure your people get home safely to their loves ones. Every day.


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