Electrical Safety saves time, money, and lives.

Electrical hazards are severe. Managing them effectively is essential. Advancements in electrical safety technology have made enhanced safety more accessible and affordable than ever before. An investment in safety equipment and power system knowledge will save your organization both time and money as they drastically reduce task times and allow you to perform inspections with fewer personnel.

But there is more to safety than dollars and cents. With your people protected from the most severe hazards, your investment in safety could literally save lives.

Know the risks. Remove the hazards. Protect your most valuable resource.

An explosive electrical discharge from an arc fault that produces deafening noises, super-heated shrapnel traveling at supersonic speeds, and temperatures greater than the surface of the Sun.

Faulty or damaged components can overload, creating arcs, shocks, and fire.

Oil-filled transformers pose a significant fire risk. Fires involving high voltage equipment are difficult to extinguish and can result in injury or a devastating loss of critical equipment.

Injuries from electric shocks from high voltage equipment can be permanent and life-changing, ranging from serious burns and loss of limbs to pain, numbness, and muscle weakness from internal injuries.

A fatal electric shock.


SampleSafe for safer cabinet transformer sampling

The safest way to obtain oil samples from cabinet transformers—without deenergizing.

Technicians use SampleSafe to obtain oil samples from cabinet transformers without deenergizing. SampleSafe relocates the sampling point away from the most hazardous area of the transformer. With no need to open the cabinet door and with the technician away from the front of the equipment, SampleSafe substitutes the risk of a potential arc flash incidents entirely during energized sampling. No more PPE. No more deenergizing.

  • Relocates the hazard and keeps personnel out of harm’s way
  • Eliminates PPE requirements that can slow down the energized sampling process
  • Increases productivity by removing the need for additional PPE



Precise and consistent IR thermography inspections… without the risk

Arc flash incidents happen when cabinet transformer doors open. Keep them closed.

Inspection windows substitute potentially hazardous aspects of vital maintenance tasks, such as infrared scanning. With inspection windows installed, technicians no longer need to fulfill stringent and time-consuming PPE requirements when taking infrared readings of high voltage equipment. With a tight-but-ample field of view, inspection.


Remote Transformer monitoring

Discover faults early to prevent hazards from developing

Keep an expert eye on your equipment 24/7 without setting foot in your substation.

Our transformer monitors work around the clock to provide you data that is accurate beyond industry standards. If we find an imminent threat to your system, we will contact you immediately with clear options on what to do next. Substations are hazardous enough. Armed with detailed data and insight from SDMyers, you’ll know what steps to take to keep your electrical system running—with fewer people inside the substation.

  • Provides early warnings of conditions that could endanger the next person to enter the substation
  • Increases your testing frequency exponentially so you always have access to relevant data
  • Reduces substation foot traffic and lowers the hours your people spend next to high voltage equipment.


IR Thermography

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