Innovation designed to extend transformer life

SDMyers can help protect your assets with innovative solutions to reduce moisture levels and contaminants in transformer fluid and insulation, and reduce dielectric fluid temperatures.

With more than 50 years of field testing experience and over one billion gallons of oil processed for dehydration, oil reclamation, vacuum filling, and vacuum dry-outs, SDMyers is your reliable, cost-effective transformer service provider.


CoolMax Supplemental Cooling System

Running hot? Cool it down for longer life

Keep your equipment safe with supplemental cooling when peak demands cause your units to overheat. CoolMax dissipates heat from the transformer oil quickly and easily. Designed as a stand-alone transformer cooling unit, the CoolMax system can be stationary or mobile.

Take control of your transformer temperatures. Speak with a specialist.

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DryMax Moisture Reduction Equipment

Dry up hidden causes of downtime

Moisture is the enemy of your transformer. When combined with heat and oxygen, the insulation begins to oxidize which irrevocably damages the entire transformer. Find out how we can help develop a Moisture Reduction Plan utilizing proven DryMax technology. Speak with a specialist.

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InsulMax Filtering System

Cleaning up harmful contaminants

Preventative maintenance that includes removing destructive contaminants from your transformers can help diminish the aging process. InsulMax is a substation-grade monitoring and filtering system that removes harmful moisture and trace acids, both of which attack the paper insulation.

See if InsulMax should be a part of your Moisture Reduction Plan.

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SampleSafe Safe Oil Sampling for Cabinet Transformers

Eliminate planned downtime and protect technicians and equipment from arc flashes

Opening the door of a cabinet transformer poses a serious safety hazard. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) dictates stringent protocols for working on this type of equipment, including de-energizing the transformer while samples are taken and the use of advanced PPE on cabinet transformers of all sizes. SampleSafe allows technicians to avoid opening the cabinet door altogether, providing a safe and convenient way to obtain oil samples without the need for additional PPE and without shutting down the transformer.


g1 monitor

G1 Monitor for Guardian Monitoring®

Get 24-hour monitoring of critical fault-gas alerts

Get instant fault updates on your Transformer Dashboard via a secure cellular modem with our Guardian Monitoring Service. The G1 is a secure and effective tool for tracking transformer health including measuring concentrations of hydrogen. Learn more from an SDMyers preventative maintenance expert.

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