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Better Dielectric Breakdown Voltage Testing

Better industry testing standards and what that means for you

SDMyers now recommends ASTM D1816 as the standard dielectric test for electric power equipment owners. There are three primary reasons we are making this transition. This article explains what it changing and why.

Read More April 06, 2022
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Where Does Single Gas Online Monitoring Fit In Your Fleet?

As online condition monitoring equipment for oil filled transformers becomes more and more prevalent, the available hardware options become more sophisticated and complex. However, the single-gas monitor still has a place on many transformers in commercial and industrial America.

Read More April 05, 2022
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External Sampling on Cabinet Transformers

SampleSafe™ allows you to take a sample without opening the cabinet door, seriously reducing the risk of ark flash, electrocution, or electric shock. But what separates the SampleSafe ST™ from the SampleSafe Essential™? Kyle Johannes from SDMyers explains.

Read More March 08, 2022
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The Right (and Wrong!) Way to Package Oil Samples

When customers pull, package, and ship their own samples for testing, there is a right (and a wrong!) way to get it done. SDMyers lab supervisor, Laura Berkta, tells us how it’s done right.

Read More February 17, 2022
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There’s More Than One Way to Dry Out a Transformer

Moisture in a transformer leads to oxidation, which can degrade the solid insulation and lead to failure. So, what is the best process for removing moisture?

Read More February 17, 2022
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