Get more life from reinhibiting transformerS

Did you know that you can significantly extend the life of your transformers with transformer oxidation inhibitors? Our extensive data shows that transformer owners who maintain the inhibitor levels properly will significantly get more hours from their transformers.

Save money by combating oxidation

Removing contaminants is vital in maximizing the reliable life of the transformer. Transformer oxidation inhibitor is necessary to protect the oil from oxidation. Without it, oxygen and heat create harmful oxidation by-products such as acids, esters, peroxides, moisture and sludge. These by-products accelerate the aging rate of the oil and the solid insulation.

Reinhibiting transformers without downtime

Save hours of downtime by reinhibiting your transformer while still energized. This process requires experience in energized reinhibiting and the knowledge to evaluate and determine whether energized processing can be performed safely. Our experience with reinhibiting energized transformers can save you the inconvenience of hours of downtime.

Watch this video for more information on the benefits of oxidation inhibitor, and get in touch to speak with a transformer specialist today.

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