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Infrared Thermography Becomes Standard for Electrical Maintenance

In the 2023 release of NFPA 70B as a standard, annual infrared thermography for all electrical equipment (including transformers) is now a requirement that must occur annually. Here’s what you need to know about this change…

Read More May 01, 2023
Safe And Reliable Data Center Reliability Placeholder

Data Center Reliability with Safe and Reliable

How do you pronounce the word “data”… is it “day-ta” or “dah-ta”? Safe and Reliable figure it out during a chat in the heart of a data center. Listen in on their conversation.

Read More May 01, 2023
Transformer Paper Moisture

Your Transformer Paper & Moisture

Moisture content in a transformer is a tremendously valuable predictor of failure. After more than five decades of servicing transformers, we know all too well that their weakest link is where moisture loves to hide—the paper insulation.​

Read More April 04, 2023
Safe And Reliable Online Monitoring

What is Reliable doing up in a tree?

Reliable is keeping his eye on a transformer from a distance, but Safe has a much better (and safer) method. Find out what it is.

Read More March 14, 2023
Pp360 Blue Background

Electric Power IQ to join PowerPro 360

SDMyers announces Electric Power IQ to join sister company, PowerPro 360. The Electric Power IQ group will now operate under the PowerPro 360 name as Electric Power Training. If you received training in the past from SDMyers or Electric Power IQ, you can expect the same excellent service, care, support, and experience as before.

Read More March 07, 2023
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