Hot Oil Cleaning

Protecting your transformers from oxidatioN

Heat, moisture and oxygen cause oxidation. Oxidation creates acids and other damaging byproducts that attack and weaken the paper insulation. Our hot oil cleaning process removes oxidation decay products by recirculating clean hot oil through the transformer using our proprietary recyclable filter media.

Prevent irreversible damage with oil cleaning

It is important to address the need for the hot oil cleaning service early to limit the damage to the solid insulation and arrest the aging process. Once the life of the paper is lost, it cannot be restored.

Performed by experts for the best results

Responsible equipment operators must have adequate instrumentation and quality test equipment on-site to ensure the oil and paper are thoroughly cleaned. Accurate processing will prevent any further damage to the paper quality for years after the hot oil cleaning process has been performed.

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Extend the life with transformer oil cleaning

Hot oil cleaning does more than clean the oil. It cleans the insulation. Not all hot oil cleaning is the same. SDMyers has a proprietary process which is proven to extend the life of the transformer.

  • Our recyclable filter media means no waste left behind
  • Our hot oil cleaning process can be performed energized or de-energized
  • Extends the life of your transformer by removing oxidation
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