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Trust the industry leader with your on-site transformer repair services

Preventative transformer maintenance goes way beyond oil testing. When your test results indicate that action is required, it’s time to bring in the experts to fix the problem and keep your transformers reliable.

Trained. Experienced. Qualified.

Our technicians receive the most robust transformer service training in the industry. With the collective experience of over 500,000 transformers serviced and a billion gallons of dielectric fluid tested and processed, you can be assured that our recommendations are reliable and that our service is of the utmost quality.

World-class transformer maintenance equipment

SDMyers operates one of the most advanced fleets of mobile repair and oil processing rigs in the country. With our know-how and technical capabilities, you can rely on us to restore your transformer to optimal condition.

Quality technicians perform general maintenance including:

  • Electrical Testing
  • Gauge and Gasket Replacement

We perform complex maintenance tasks including skilled assessments and on-site repairs such as:

  • Leak Detection and Repair
  • Radiator Assessment and Repair
  • Bushing and Gasket Repair
  • Internal Inspection and Repair
  • Customized Repair Needs

Fix existing problems and stop new ones from occurring with repair and maintenance services from SDMyers.

Prevent potential hazards and downtime caused the buildup of combustible gases in your transformers.

Extend the life of your transformers significantly with transformer oxidation inhibitors.

Utilize DryMax® technology as part of a Moisture Reduction Service and increase the reliable life of your transformer.

Clean and protect both the oil and the paper insulation surrounding the coils.

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