Transformer Training for Reliability and Maintenance Professionals

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They help organizations achieve reliability by focusing on the electric power system’s two most important factors: the equipment and the people. Get training on transformer management, electrical, compliance, safety, technical skill development, and more.

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Electric Power Training with PowerPro 360

If you previously received training from SDMyers or Electric Power IQ, you can expect the same excellent service, care, support, and experience as before with PowerPro 360. They offer must-have training for anyone who manages and maintains electric power systems, substations, or transformers. Take courses to strengthen your expertise in electrical maintenance, IR scanning, safety, compliance, or the basic on-the-job skills needed in commercial and industrial settings.

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  • Earn Learning Credits (CEUs, PDHs, CTDs)
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Keep your operation energized

Your entire operation relies upon uninterrupted power. Electric power systems, and particularly transformers, can have a reliable life that is measurable in decades. The key to extending transformer life is the knowledge and understanding needed to keep them healthy, dry, and functioning correctly. Master the theory and skills needed to keep your operation running—without downtime.

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Become a relied-upon reliability expert

As maintenance and reliability procedures become more and more sophisticated, it is essential that the electric power system is properly cared for. Without power, everything else you do to keep your facility functional quickly becomes redundant. The discipline of electric power reliability is growing, and this is your opportunity to learn how to become an industry professional and an expert in the field.

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featured Training courses

Transformer Management 1, 2, and 3

The Transformer Management training course series begins with a strong foundation for those who are in any way responsible for transformer maintenance and culminates with the education needed for complete system management. Students learn about transformers, oil and electrical tests, maintenance principles, and electric power reliability through transformer lifecycle management. Each Transformer Management course earns industry training credits and certification.

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Training Topics

Position-specific Training packages

PowerPro 360 offers curated training courses for specific roles and responsibilities. Select a group of classes below based on your position.

Electric Power Maintenance Foundation View Courses › Technician View Courses › Visual Inspection & Sampling View Courses › Electrician Level 1 View Courses › Electrician Level 2 View Courses ›

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"These presentations get better and better and build seamlessly upon each other! Awesome series! Really appreciate the time to educate us on those things outside that hum everyday."

"Great team. Lots of beyond class help. I recommend these transformer experts."

"Great class and instructor. I will suggest to my management to continue using [this] training for our other engineers and techs."

"Great presentation. The inclusion of the rainbow sheets really brought all 9 courses together and helped with the overall experience. Was a good way to tie in what we learned all together."

Credentials & Certifications

NETA (the InterNational Electrical Testing Association) offers PowerPro 360 students CTDs upon completion of certain courses and training modules.

PowerPro 360 students are eligible to receive CEUs from our partner Kent State University.

PowerPro 360 students receive training completion certificates and, on select course paths, industry-recognized certification.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the relationship between SDMyers and PowerPro 360?

SDMyers and PowerPro 360 are both sister companies and Good Place Holdings organizations. We maintain a close working relationship and partner with training courses, materials, and resources. Because of our shared history of training and education and commitment to the MaxLife Philosophy, we hold many of the same values and principles started by Stanley D. Myers, the founder of SDMyers.

What is the history of training at SDMyers?

SDMyers began training professionals on transformer maintenance and management in 1975 with the Transformer Maintenance Institute. Since then, more than 32,000 have gone through our training programs. Over the years, it became known as Electric Power IQ. In 2023, our sister company, PowerPro 360, launched. At that time, Electric Power IQ moved over to become one of their core services.

Who should take training from PowerPro 360?

Our courses are designed for those who manage, maintain, or monitor electric power systems, including managers, technicians, reliability engineers, electricians, and maintenance personnel. With over 150 courses, we have something for anyone who works in or around electric power systems, transformers, or substations.

What software do I need to take a live online class? 

Technically, none. We use Adobe Connect, which students can access the classroom through a browser window such as Google Chrome. Adobe Connect also offers a free downloadable app, which we encourage our students to use for an optimal learning experience.

Can my employees or coworkers attend together?

Yes, but each attendee must register individually. We encourage teams and coworkers to attend the same courses to grow in knowledge together. However, learning credits (CEUs, CTDs, and PDHs) and certifications are applied to the individual, not the group. For managers looking to train their teams, contact us to tailor fit a training program or bundling options for your organization.

What is the difference between “live online” and “on-demand” courses?

Live online courses are scheduled classes at a specific date and time but are attended virtually. These virtual instructor-led courses are provided to help professionals minimize travel time and costs but still benefit from live instruction. On-demand courses are different in that they are pre-recorded modules that can be taken at your convenience on your time.

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