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SDMyers' Alan Ross in a podcast on knowlege sharing

Tallmadge, Ohio

Alan Ross, SDMyers VP of reliability, at SD Myers is a CRL and CMRP and chairman of the Smart Grid Working Group. He also chairs the Electric Power Reliability Summit (EPRS), an annual gathering of industrial reliability leaders.

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SDMyers is having a scholarship drawing for a free transformer management training course

Tallmadge, Ohio

You can win a scholarship, valued at $2,050, to an SDMyers' Transformer Management 1 Plus & 1/2-Day Oil Sampling training course in Tallmadge, Ohio.

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SDMyers' Alan Ross podcast on emerging technologies

Tallmadge, Ohio

In this podcast, Alan Ross of the Smart Grid Reliability Alliance and VP of Reliability with SDMyers speaks to Wayne Bishop, Jr., vice president of meetings at IEEE Power and Energy Society and head of marketing with OMICRON Electronics.

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Alan Ross, SDMyers' VP of Reliability, invited as guest speaker at Omicron

June 04, 2019 | Houston, Texas

Alan Ross, SDMyers' VP of Reliability, invited to speak at Omicron's event in Houston, Texas, on June 4-5, 2019, about developing a reliability-centered maintenance program for transformers.

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SDMyers VP of Reliablity on The IndustrialTalk Podcast

Seattle, Wash.

This ReliabilityRadio interview by Scott MacKenzie of The IndustrialTalk Podcast took place at The Reliability Conference 2019.

Read More May 21, 2019
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