Guardian Monitoring®

Your entire operation depends on the reliability of your transformer. When test results suggest an imminent critical fault, you need to know. Right away. Guardian Monitoring® from SDMyers provides proactive diagnostic expertise through a combination of round-the-clock remote fault-gas monitoring and human intervention, providing you with peace-of-mind when you need it most.

If we detect a potential threat to your operation, our team will assess the situation and notify you right away. But we do more than send you an early warning signal—we offer a network of support to interpret the data, plan the next step, and continue protecting your critical assets.

Guardian Monitoring allows you to stay focused on your top priorities while still protecting your most valuable resource – your transformer. From installing hardware, to setting levels appropriate for each unit, to monitoring those levels and providing analysis and insights, SDMyers is on hand to help keep your operation running.

Around-the-Clock Transformer Monitoring with Expert Analysis

The Guardian Monitoring service from SDMyers allows you to monitor the health of your equipment with exponentially more data than standard routine oil testing. When connected with Transformer Dashboard®, you get visibility to intuitive trend analysis and graphing, to help plan maintenance and prevent transformer failure.

Innovative technology meets decades of experience

Our G1 fault-gas monitor provides around-the-clock transformer monitoring. The data that the monitor gathers is simultaneously relayed to you and to our diagnostic team.
Transformer monitoring covers:

  • H2 level (ppm) & H2 Rate of Change (ppm/day)
  • Moisture in Oil (ppm)
  • Oil Temperature




NOTE: Hydrogen gas buildup in transformer oil is an early indicator of incipient transformer faults and the Guardian Monitoring system is built to provide an alarm based on PPM Levels and/or Rate of Change (ROC), warning customers of potentially disruptive transformer faults and pending failures. The Transformer Dashboard receives this data from the Monitor and allows the customer to view that data, graph and/or receive alarm notifications.

From data to information. From information to wisdom.

Information can tells you when to act. But wisdom and experience can help you find the most effective solution. When you partner with SDMyers you get the best of both worlds in the form of practical transformer management recommendations.

Improve your analytics with 24/7 data.
Continuous monitoring provides hundreds of more data points than traditional sampling and analysis. We review the equipment type, fluid class, application, individual unit history and more while comparing your info against our database metrics, so you can make informed decisions on your transformer maintenance. .

Receive timely fault alerts.
With the advanced G1 Gas Monitor hardware and our Transformer Dashboard®, SDMyers transformer monitoring experts will quickly identify faults and alert you if there’s a critical situation.

Avoid false alarms for greater peace-of-mind.
Each transformer is unique. We set limits based on the condition of each transformer in your fleet to help avoid false alarms. These parameters are based on application, history, and overall health of your equipment.

Stay connected with your high-voltage equipment.
Speak with a monitoring expert today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the features of Guardian Monitoring?

- Hydrogen (H2) and moisture (H20) monitoring equipment (Modem and cellular communication included)
- Installation and set-up of equipment
- Expert review of monitor data by our Guardian Services team
- Alert, alarm and rate-of-change alarm management (We set the parameters)
- Automated notification sent to our Guardian Services internal team for Power, Service and Alarm settings. If an alarm is generated, the Guardian Services team is notified. The team determines whether it is necessary to alert the customer.
- Help in managing and executing the next step in the event of a fault
- Guardian Services reporting with at-a-glance status of applicable gas, moisture and service conditions
- Overall summary of all monitored services equipment status
- Web access convenience provides access from any internet-connected device and does not require software installation
- Data display includes easy export of raw monitor data to .xls or .csv
- Robust graphing capability, including the ability to select date ranges and data types for display.
- Data polling standard rate – every 24 hours.

What are the Technical Specifications for the G1 monitor?

Our Technical Specifications are available for download on the G1 Technical Specifications.

What software is needed to operate the G1 monitor and view the data?

For the G1 monitor, there is no software installation required. Monitors are set up at our facility and pre-configured to transmit data for availability from any web-enabled device via Transformer Dashboard.

How easy is it to take normal oil samples with the G1 monitor connected?

The G1 monitor does not impede oil sampling. There is a ball valve which allows the oil sampling technician to complete his or her work without hindrance.

Does Guardian Monitoring pose any security threat to customer systems?

Monitor Guard offers simple, secure data transmission of monitor data to SDMyers’ servers. Monitor Guard does not pose a security risk, as the communication is handled via cellular modem, which keeps all communication entirely separated from any internal networks, systems, and databases. There is no possible attack vector to internal customer networks and systems, as the monitor communicates solely via the cellular modem, transmitting encrypted data (https), to SDMyers’ secure servers. It is effectively no different from walking through a site with a cell phone in your pocket.

Is Guardian Monitoring with the G1 monitor available for Load Tap Changers (LTCs)?

A G1 online monitor may be beneficial for vacuum-type LTC’s. Contact us to discuss the best solution for your needs.

When do alerts and alarms get sent to the customer?

No automated notifications are sent to the customer without the review of our engineering and diagnostic team.

Apart from data transmission over the cellular network, what is the communication protocol for the G1?

Data is collected from the G1 system using Modbus Ethernet protocol over a VPN (Virtual Private Network, encrypted). Modbus Ethernet protocol is a very common industrial protocol for collecting sensor data, often used in SCADA systems or other applications requiring basic data communications. Modbus Ethernet protocol does not include any security, passwords, or encryption.

The G1 solution utilizes a specialized industrial cellular modem with built in VPN technology to provide data encryption security. VPN technology is often referred to as tunneling technology.

 As an analogy, if you had two buildings and for some reason it was dangerous to walk around outside (like the internet) then you could dig a small tunnel to safely walk between the buildings. VPN software creates these types of tunnels. For the G1 monitor, we created a very small tunnel that only allows for one type of communication (Modbus Ethernet), and we only allow it to communicate to one computer. In this way, should someone ever steal our VPN modem and try to hack into SDMyers, the tunnel is very small. There is no place to go.

Who manufactures the G1 monitor?

The G1 is manufactured by SDMyers.

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