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SDMyers to present at NAES Plant Manager's Conference

September 17, 2019 | Bellevue, Washington

Craig Schley, SDMyers' senior regional sales account manager, will be presenting on Sept. 17, 2019, at 3 p.m. at NAES' Plant Manager's Conference in Bellevue, Wash., about how to "Connect Monitoring to Intelligent Decision Making."

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Electric Power Reliability Summit 2019 taking place Sept. 17-19 in Austin, Texas

September 17, 2019 | Austin, Texas

Electric Power Reliability Summit 2019 is taking place from Sept. 17-19 in Austin, Texas.

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SDMyers reliability experts discuss EPRS in An Intelligent Transformer podcast

Tallmadge, Ohio

In this episode of the Electric Power Reliability podcast, Rachel Linke, reliability coordinator at SDMyers, LLC, speaks to Alan Ross, of the Smart Grid Reliability Alliance, and Chip Angus, reliability accounts manager at SDMyers, LLC, to discuss the upcoming Electric Power Reliability Summit.

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SDMyers' Alan Ross interviews ABB manager about his 40 years of experience in this podcast

Tallmadge, Ohio

SDMyers' VP of Reliability Alan Ross speaks to Craig Stiegmeier, expert services product manager with ABB, about Stiegmeier's 40 years of experience in the field in this new podcast on Smart Grid Reliability Alliance, hosted by Energy Central.

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SDMyers to present at the CARILEC Engineering & Procurement Conference & Exhibition

June 23, 2019 | Newport, Curacao

From June 23-27, 2019, in Curacao, SDMyers will be attending and giving a presentation on June 25 at the 2019 Engineering and Procurement Conference and Exhibition co-sponsored by The Caribbean Electric Utility Services Corporation (CARILEC) and AQUALECTRA on "High-Voltage Electric Power Reliability: Building a Best-Practices Culture."

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