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Since 1965, SDMyers has continuously answered the growing demand for reliable substations in industrial and commercial facilities across the continent. Mobile diagnostic technicians are strategically placed around the country to offer customers core testing, monitoring, and maintenance services, while SDMyers offices in Ohio and California offer an expanded range of equipment, services, and expertise. As customer needs have grown over the years, so have we, and we're dedicated to being your comprehensive solution for electric power system reliability.

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Find us at:


180 South Avenue
Tallmadge OH 44278

Phone: (330) 630-7000
Customer Service: (330) 632-8564
Sales Fax: (330) 633-8081
HR Fax: (330) 633-4786

West Coast field and sales office

1030 Riverside Parkway, Suite 135
West Sacramento, CA 95605

Phone: (330) 630-7000
Customer Service: (330) 632-8646
Sales Fax: (330) 633-8081
HR Fax:(330) 633-4786

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