Repair & Maintenance

Fix Existing Faults and Prevent New Problems from Developing

Trust your transformer repair to a team of seasoned experts

We fix and maintain our customers' most valuable electrical assets, and the SDMyers field service team has the pedigree and experience needed for such a responsibility. From electrical testing and leak detection to complete overhauls, we have the experience, equipment, and expertise to keep your operation running.

Specialized on-site electrical testing

From baseline testing at installation to diagnostic electrical testing throughout the lifespan of your transformer, SDMyers has the capability to run precise and thorough electrical tests. From Sweep Frequency Response Analysis (SFRA) testing to Power Factor testing for the transformer and bushings, we have the testing tools at our disposal to precisely measure the condition of your equipment.

Leak detection, repair, and top-offs

Whether your system uses mineral oil or natural esters, leaks are one of the most important repairs to fix right away to prevent more complicated repairs in the future. Protect your equipment from low levels and from the dangers of oxidation by detecting leaks early and repairing them right away. Specifically with esters, excessive oxygen exposure causes polymerization, which negatively impacts the insulation. SDMyers can help you maintain proper liquid levels, protecting your transformer against the dangers of overheating.

Customized Repairs Get In touch with an SDMyers Specialist With 50+ years of intelligent transformer management experience, we have the diagnostic and repair expertise you need. To learn more about on-site transformer repair services, contact an SDMyers specialist. Call Today: (330) 630 7000 Contact Us
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