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SDMyers Is a 2021 NorthCoast 99 Award Winner

SDMyers is recognized as a NorthCoast 99 workplace for top talent.

Read More September 02, 2021
Traci Hopkins Woman In Power (1)

Senior Training & Education Advisor Traci Nadine Hopkins honored as a Woman in Power Systems

Traci Nadine Hopkins, Senior Training & Education Advisor with our Electric Power IQ training group, was recognized in Transformer Technology Magazine’s June Edition dedicated to Women in Power Systems.

Read More July 27, 2021
MDT Newsarticle

SDMyers Mobile Diagnostic Technician Lee Willig takes you along for the ride

SDMyers mobile diagnostic technicians (MDTs) live life on the road. Covering multi-state territories, our MDTs offer a wealth of transformer knowledge—as well as some entertaining stories from their travels. Get to know 10-year MDT veteran Lee Willig in this special feature interview.

Read More June 29, 2021
Sdmyers Safety Office News

SDMyers puts a new face to safety with the addition of Tyson Abraham

From in-the-field protocols to day-to-day concerns, new EHS officer will take the lead.

Read More May 26, 2021
Labtour Newsimage

A Big Trip for a Little Transformer Liquid Sample

No matter where your facility is located, your transformer liquid sample takes quite the journey after it leaves your substation. Take a little peek behind the curtain at what your sample is up to in our lab. 

Read More April 15, 2021
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