Asset Refurbishment & Replacement

Plan for every scenario with transformer replacements and spares. SDMyers provides partial refurbishment services for existing transformers or assistance in procuring new units.


Always Have a Backup Plan

In today’s fast-paced world, electric power systems need to be resilient. Aging infrastructure, environmental factors, and evolving energy demands pose significant challenges to maintaining a dependable transformer fleet. Developing a backup plan is vital for resiliency. Whether managing 2 or 200 transformers, having refurbished units or replacements ready to go is paramount to ensuring a stable and uninterrupted power supply across your fleet.

Transformer Refurbishment Services

SDMyers offers partial refurbishment services to restore your transformer and its components to ANSI, NETA, and IEEE-approved conditions. During the process, our team works to restore the transformer to as close to “like new” as possible without replacing major components such as the windings or core. The refurbishment process occurs in our Tallmadge, Ohio, facility, where transformer experts inspect, troubleshoot, replace, test, and certify critical components to exceed compliance standards for use and re-installation.

Why Refurbish?

  • Cost-effective compared to buying a new unit
  • Faster turnaround process compared to lead times on new equipment
  • Thoroughly tested (electrical and fluid) to industry standards
  • Lower risk of failure

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Transformer Replacements

When you need a replacement, SDMyers can help you procure a new transformer. With nearly 60 years of experience with transformers, we can help you make sense of your unique needs. Our transformer experts understand how to navigate the sourcing, installation, and deployment of a new unit for your fleet or substation.

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