Optimize your transformer reliability with SDMyers

We are focused on making your high-voltage equipment reliable for as long as possible. Our customers leverage our expertise, along with our decades of proprietary data, to keep their facilities running at peak performance.

Tailor-made solutions to enhance reliability:

  • Advanced moisture management planning
  • Equipment condition assessment
  • Maintenance planning


Let us make asset management easier for you

If you need a detailed explanation of your transformer oil test results, the overall condition of your transformer, or when to order follow-up on tests, maintenance or repairs, we can help.

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Key and customized components included in this service:

  • Data Mining
    Gather and summarize historic data on age, source and historic records, incidents and historic electrical and fluid testing results
  • Current Condition
    Define the condition of the unit using the most recent fluid test, electrical test and mechanical services record, combined with a site inspection when necessary
  • Unit Specific Application
    Define the critical application, your practical and direct reliance on this unit, risk definition and budgetary cost for loss of the unit
  • Condition Assessment
    Provide detail on the current condition, risks associated with the conditions and detail on actions required now and in the future for this unit
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