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Can You Predict the Lifespan of a Transformer?

This is a question we get all the time. And in this video, Jason Dennison (Director, Diagnostic Analytical Services at SDMyers) talks about if we can accurately estimate or predict the lifespan of a transformer.

Read More August 03, 2022
Why Are Liquid Levels Important In A Transformer

Why is Liquid Level Important in a Transformer?

Transformer liquids provide dielectric strength and cooling for a transformer. A transformer is designed for the liquid to maintain dielectric protection against high voltages, but the optimal level must account for expansion and contraction based on temperature. As the temperature of the transformer goes up, the fluid expands. As the temperature of the oil goes down, it contracts.

Watch and listen as Bob Rasor, Director of Transformer Services, explains the importance of liquid levels in more detail.

Read More June 24, 2022
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Unlock Insight into Transformer Reliability by Detecting Partial Discharges

The goal of transformer reliability is to cost effectively reduce the risk of failure. A holistically planned maintenance program does just that, using a wide variety of diagnostic methods. Conventional PMs may highlight partial discharge in certain components but may miss others which can eventually cause permanent damage.

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Limited Edition Safe And Reliable Socks


Giveaway Closed! Thanks so much for participated in our first ever Safe and Reliable Sock Giveaway! At this time we are no longer accepting entries.

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Hot Oil Cleaning

WATCH: This is how Hot Oil Cleaning works

Ever wondered what goes on inside the transformer as the oil is being cleaned? This timelapse shows the Hot Oil Cleaning process up close.

Read More May 09, 2022
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