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Lifelong Learners Feb23 V2

Transformer Experts are Lifelong Learners

Learn how to extend transformer reliability with the power of knowledge

If you’re in the business of making something, having an unplanned power outage could prove to be financially devastating when the whole operation shuts down. The fact of the matter is that we all rely upon uninterrupted power.

Luckily, electric power systems—particularly transformers—can have a reliable life measured in decades. Many transformers we service have been in the field for several years. A small few have even celebrated their 100th birthday!

Our entire MaxLife philosophy at SDMyers is predicated on keeping electrical power equipment healthy, reliable, and always on for as long as possible. So, what does it take to create that kind of longevity and reliability for your organization to experience uninterrupted power year after year?

It’s never just one thing, but something that must be included in your approach is developing a culture of learning. At SDMyers, we believe transformer experts are lifelong learners.

Electric power maintenance and reliability best practices are becoming more and more sophisticated. And the future of electric power reliability will require us to adopt new technologies and innovation. It takes a disciplined approach to maintain a robust reliability-centered maintenance program. Part of that discipline is being committed to learning through training and development. This is true for all levels of personnel, from the Level 1 Maintenance Technician to the Senior Reliability Engineer.

A culture of training and development helps us understand our equipment inside and out, become educated on industry standards, and master the theory and skills needed to operate a healthy system. Lifelong learners are willing to go beyond Ohm’s law and discover what best practices are needed, how to apply them to their context, and why it matters.

If our goal is to maximize the reliable life of our electrical power equipment, it will come in part from the power of knowledge.

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February 08, 2023
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