Inspection & Sampling

Get the full picture with SDMyers transformer inspections

Accurate transformer oil test results are an excellent indicator of the condition of your transformers. For the ultimate peace of mind, our Mobile Diagnostic Technicians (MDTs) perform in-depth visual inspections and provide easy-to-understand reports via your own customized Transformer Dashboard®


First impressions count

MDTs rely on their 300 hours of expert training to identify potential issues. Our inspections go well beyond looking for physical damage such as leaks and rust. You can rest assured all gauges, wiring, external ground connectors and liquid levels are thoroughly evaluated.

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Safety first

All SDMyers MDT's follow strict safety protocols to ensure their safety and to protect the equipment they are working on. Those safety policies are informed by our experience and by industry standards, such as those issues by the National Fire Protection Association for protecting against Arc Flash

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See everything on your Transformer Dashboard

You always have full visibility of your transformer inspections with Transformer Dashboard. Our experts perform time-tested sampling procedures and document the reports and photos with our proprietary mobile diagnostic app for prompt viewing.

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Tested to the highest standards

Our top priority is ensuring accurate results for consistent transformer and substation performance. You can trust that all inspections and lab testing procedures adhere to globally recognized ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards.

SDMyers technicians use infrared (IR) scanning to detect problems that you never knew you had. Thermal imaging is an essential element of a comprehensive transformer maintenance plan.

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