SampleSafe is a stainless steel locking enclosure that mounts to the outside of a cabinet transformer, away from electrical hazards. Since it allows technicians to safely obtain oil samples without opening the cabinet door, it greatly reduces their exposure to dangerous energized equipment.

The safest way to obtain oil samples from cabinet transformers without deenergizing

The majority of electrical injuries from cabinet transformers are burns resulting from arc flashes. The intense heat produced from an arc flash can result in substantial equipment damage and devastating personal injury, which can lead to significant replacement costs and liability claims from anyone involved in the incident. SampleSafe™ eliminates the need to outfit technicians with additional personal protective equipment (PPE) and allows them to take samples without ever needing to de-energize your transformer.

Protect technicians by avoiding the risk altogether

Opening a transformer cabinet to obtain an oil sample presents an inherent safety risk. SampleSafe is a stainless-steel locking enclosure that mounts to the outside of the transformer away from electrical hazards, allowing technicians to safely obtain oil samples without opening the cabinet door. This greatly reduces their exposure to dangerous energized equipment.

SampleSafe enables you to comply with the guidelines established by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 70E, 2018).


The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recently released a revised set of standards—enforced by OSHA—that essentially tightens the safety measures that protect against arc flashes. SampleSafe helps you comply with these standards without investing in PPE or deenergizing your equipment by providing a safe alternative to opening the cabinet door.


Arc flashes are deadly and destructive. These sudden energy discharges—explosions—are caused by a fault in an electrical circuit reacting with ionized air. SampleSafe provides access to the oil from a lockable box outside the unit, keeping technicians away from the front of the cabinet. No more opening the door, no more risk, no need to shut your operation down.

Without SampleSafe, safety procedures require technicians to suit up with appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) or the transformer must be completely de-energized. Both of these measures are much more time-consuming and also present additional economic and safety disadvantages.


If a serious injury is sustained while working on high-voltage cabinet transformers, the owner of the equipment is deemed responsible. Our customers use SampleSafe to mitigate the risk of expensive liability claims from contractors and employees.


When technicians use SampleSafe to obtain oil samples from energized transformers, there is no need to de-energize. This is especially valuable in applications where transformers are daisy-chained, where the shutdown of one transformer affects several more in-line. This can affect your maintenance budget significantly. We can calculate the ROI from avoiding shutdowns with SampleSafe; contact a Transformer Specialist for more information.

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