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An assessment of your transformer's condition is now just a click away

As in all of life, knowledge is essential to making good decisions in business. The new SDMyers Health Center is the long-awaited answer to the oft-heard questions, “If you could rate my transformer’s level of risk and reliability, what would it be?” or “Does an Unacceptable test result mean my transformer itself is unacceptable?”

The time has now come to answer those very questions.

The new Health Center provides you with overall condition information on any of your transformers, assessed and prioritized according to their level of risk. Combining your test results with data gathered from your transformer’s history, our engineers have developed a four-level rating system to inform you of your transformer’s overall health:

Knowledge gives you benefits

The new Health Center allows you to:

  • audit the specific level of risk for any of the transformers in your fleet

  • prioritize your maintenance allocations with greater judgment

  • ensure your most critical transformers are receiving the attention they deserve

  • economize on the amount of time that is associated with interpreting your data

In essence, the Health Center provides you with a quick summary of your transformers, which makes your own reporting that much easier and more efficient. This feature alone will give you an additional measure of clarity and confidence in your business communications.

SDMyers Health Center
  • At Risk : transformers require immediate attention.
  • Service: transformers are in need of service, retesting or further evaluation.
  • Watch: transformers need more frequent testing and continued observation.
  • Satisfactory: Transformers only require normal annual testing.

All of this is now just a click away

Your subscription to the new Health Center doesn’t require downloading new software or learning an entirely new system. By contrast, this valuable service is seamlessly integrated into the Transformer Dashboard, our web-based transformer management tool.  

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Good information translates into practical steps

As an existing SDMyers customer, you will continue to receive expert maintenance recommendations with your test results. Only now, as a new Health Center subscriber, the condition evaluations you receive will enable you to evaluate your risk and take quick, decisive action on any of the transformers in your fleet.


Subscription plans to suit your management needs and budgets

Since transformer management can take a variety of approaches, we’ve designed our subscription levels to accommodate your needs. If you have a significant number of transformers in your fleet, an excellent way to begin is to designate those transformers in your system that you have deemed critical to your production output. A subscription to the Health Center including these units will ensure you’re well informed of their current status and better protected from unwanted surprises.

And since transformers are subject to change over time and with diverse maintenance practices, a more comprehensive approach would be to include every transformer in your fleet. This strategy would offer the greatest peace of mind in knowing the status of each unit and anticipating possible maintenance needs.

So then, what’s the next step?

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Thank you for your interest in the SDMyers Health Center. We’re doing our best to help you manage your electrical assets and increase the reliability of your production system.

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