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SDMyers Is a 2021 NorthCoast 99 Award Winner

SDMyers is honored to be recognized as one of 99 great Northeast Ohio workplaces for top talent by ERC, a human resources training and consulting firm. This is the eighth time that SDMyers has received the prestigious NorthCoast 99 Award.

“We are delighted to make the list again this year. We place specific focus in many areas on making SDMyers a place that attracts top talent,” said SDMyers president Jon Bucciarelli.

Creating a workplace that is centered on people, where they are cared for and can flourish, is one aspect that makes SDMyers a “Good Place,” Bucciarelli said, and that the company’s focus on people is what drives retention.

“Employees who join the SDMyers family tend to stay with us for a long time,” Bucciarelli said. “I’m proud of our people.”

Representatives from ERC said that SDMyers proved to be an organization that addresses top-performer attraction, development, and retention in the following areas: organizational strategy, policies, and benefits; talent attraction, acquisition, and onboarding; employee well-being; employee engagement and talent development; total rewards; and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

“Talent wins in today’s labor market,” said Kelly Keefe, President of ERC. “The NorthCoast 99 winners know this so they continue to build progressive and innovative HR practices and benefits to attract and retain the best and brightest.” NorthCoast 99 is an annual recognition program and event in its 23rd year.

September 02, 2021
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