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Welcome to The Reliability Conference 2019!

May 06, 2019 | Seattle, Wash.

We at SDMyers are delighted to be an integral part of this year’s RELIABILTY Conference.

Come and say “hello” to us during the expo and check out our presentation on Wednesday, May 8. We have a lot to share with you. Let’s talk!

If part of your electric power system fails, you lose power. If the asset is critical, that failure can bring everything to a halt. SDMyers is here to help you not only avoid unplanned outages, but also create a culture of reliability around transformer management that will keep your operation running smoothly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Catch Alan Ross’s talk on Wednesday, May 8, on culture change

This year, Alan Ross, our Vice President of Reliability, will present on how to implement electric power system reliability in industrial and commercial applications. Alan will talk about the unique barriers that must be overcome to move from an unreliable power system to a reliable power system, presented for both industrial and commercial applications. Utilizing case examples from metals processing, mining, paper, plastic and pipelines to medical and data centers, Alan will reveal the common barriers we face that are unique to electric power system reliability.

Join us in Austin this September for The Electric Power Reliability Summit 2019

On September 17, 18, and 19, we are hosting the second Electric Power Reliability Summit in Austin, Texas. This is a forum for reliability practitioners, created by reliability practitioners, with a focus on practical solutions. You’ll identify industry best practices, evaluate yourself and your current high voltage reliability plan against those practices, and discover practical ways to extend your reliability plan to the electric power system.


The summit will feature a tour of the University of Texas at Austin’s Center for Electromechanics, interactive sessions that cover thermography, acoustics, and data management, and talks from ReliabilityWeb’s own Terry O’Hanlon and a whole host of leading-edge reliability practitioners. This summit is an excellent opportunity to get ahead of the current trends.


April 08, 2019
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