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Hand Turkey for the Hungry

This holiday season, SDMyers is teaming up with its holding company, Good Place Holdings, to feed local families in need this holiday season in exchange for some unique pieces of festive art.

The pledge is simple: for every hand turkey posted to social media with the hashtag #handturkeyforthehungry or uploaded to the website, Good Place Holdings will donate $1 towards feeding the hungry in Northeast Ohio.
This is the company’s third year promoting the event, which has grown significantly since it was introduced, attracting submissions from across the country.

“We’re excited to make a difference again this year for many local families,” said Dale Bissonette, President of Good Place Holdings. “We’re reaching out to schools, workplaces, and residents in the local area to get as many submissions as possible.”

Drawing a hand turkey is easy and fun and requires no special art supplies beyond what you have at home. Simply trace the outline of your hand onto a piece of paper and use the thumb outline as the turkey’s neck and use the fingers as the turkey’s feathers. Common colors are orange, yellow and red for the feathers and brown for the turkey body.Many artists, however, choose a more distinctive and creative approach. The artwork in previous years has been a mixed bag of styles and designs, with as many unique takes on the hand turkey concept as traditional feathered designs.

Previous submissions have included applique, metal fabrication, fabrics, latex, and a whole host of mixed media.“When we’re all pulling together to support a great cause, it really boosts everyone’s creativity levels,” said Bissonette. “I can’t wait to see what we get this year.”

Public posts with hashtags and website submissions will be counted through November 30, 2021. Awards will be given in several categories, including most creative, best use of materials, and best overall.​

November 17, 2021
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