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Can You Predict the Lifespan of a Transformer?

At SDMyers, we say that if you take a proactive approach to maintenance, there's no reason a transformer can't have 50 years of life. While there is no perfect prediction or estimate of how long a transformer should live, the good news is that we can get in the ballpark using available maintenance data.

Listen as Jason Dennison, Director, Diagnostic Analytical Services at SDMyers, talks more about if we can estimate or predict the lifespan of a transformer.

Take a Data-Driven Approach to Reliability

We have access to millions of data points from more than 50 years in electric power reliability and maintenance to guide our thinking. That data has inspired the development of standardized transformer testing methods now used by the entire industry, leading to proprietary treatment technologies and equipment that is proven to keep transformers reliable.

Our solutions are based on the experience of thousands of field jobs and decades of leadership in power system maintenance and reliability. With that expertise, we can help you maximize the life of your transformer.

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August 03, 2022
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