Testing & Monitoring

Increase reliability with advanced oil testing, intelligent diagnostics, and on-site inspections

Field Service

Leverage a comprehensive range of transformer maintenance and repair services

Engineered Equipment

Utilize innovative and effective transformer maintenance equipment

Training & Education

Boost your transformer reliability expertise with classes for novices through fleet managers

Monitoring & Analysis

Access round-the-clock monitoring, web-based management, and industry-leading analysis

Transformer maintenance

Expert-Level Maintenance

Since 1965, SDMyers has pioneered transformer management. We are focused on maximizing the cost-effective, reliable life of your high voltage equipment. To remain competitive in today’s economy, your organization needs reliable, low-cost and uninterrupted power. SDMyers can help you achieve that with a range of services and products designed to keep your transformer running, backed by more than a half century of reliability and maintenance experience.

Fluid Processing
Extend the life of your transformer by cleaning the oil and insulation—with zero waste left behind. Read More
Infrared Scanning
Reveal hidden problems such as hot spots, overheating, and low fluid levels with an IR scan of your transformer.
Fluid Top Off
Maintain fluid levels to protect your transformer against the dangers of overheating.
Equipment Repairs
Prevent downtime dealing with complicated repairs by stopping leaks now. Read More
Moisture Reduction
Remove the moisture from your transformer’s fluid and paper to prevent further damage and to limit potential faults. Read More
Condition Monitoring
Keep an eye on your transformer’s health with Guardian Monitoring®, which combines around-the-clock monitoring with expert analysis.
Fluid Testing
Work with us to diagnose your transformer’s condition through a combination of data, analytics, and decades of professional experience. Read More


Inspection & Testing from an Experienced Provider

rows of glass bottles with black screw-top lids



Expert transformer condition diagnostics backed by five decades of data-driven wisdom.

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Analytical Testing

SDMyers has the largest transformer oil testing lab in the world, with packages that test for every known fault condition.

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Inspection & Sampling

Trust our highly trained Mobile Diagnostic Technicians to take clean samples and perform detailed inspections of your equipment.

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Discover whitepapers, articles, briefs, and Subject Matter Expert video content to give you the knowledge you need to do transformer reliability right.

Training Course Catalog

Learn with us. We wrote the book on transformer maintenance. Take a class with us at our learning lab, at your site, or at training venues across North America and the world.

The "MaxLife" Philosophy

We are focused on maximizing the cost-effective and reliable life of your transformer. This is the culture at SDMyers. It informs everything we do.

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