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Maximizing the effective, reliable life of your transformer equipment.

Since 1965, we have pioneered transformer management with the highest quality in service and products.  With our founder’s vision for life extension of the most critical asset in your electrical system – the transformer – we are committed to being an advocate for our customers. We hope you find the content of this site helps you connect your ever-growing needs with the right solution – our team.

To remain competitive in today’s economy, your organization needs RELIABLE, LOW COST and UNINTERRUPTED POWER. Due to aging equipment, increased load demands, and less time and money available for preventive maintenance, the risk of transformer failure will continue to increase. In addition, key personnel who understand this risk and who possess the knowledge and expertise to make a difference are a scarce commodity today. The need for planning and preventive asset management principles is more prominent than ever to reduce your company’s risk of lengthy downtime and significant revenue losses.

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Trade Show Events

Visit us at booth 54

We are exhibiting at the Doble Client Conference in Boston, MA. Visit us at booth 54 between March 24 & March 26. We'll then be traveling back to Cleveland, Ohio for the Reliable Plant trade show from April 21 to April 23.

Visit us at Reliable Plant trade show, Cleveland, OH

Transformer Dashboard

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We've updated the Transformer Dashboard! Find out more about:

  • Enhanced Views & Navigation
  • Online Monitor Services
  • Chemical, Mechanical and Electrical data
  • Dashboard Summary Reports

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Guardian Services

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We have developed a fault gas monitoring program that is both cost-effective and professionally analyzed. Learn more about Monitor Guard Service and Monitor Connect from SDMyers. 


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Check out the newest feature of our website – the Customer Portal...

Some descriptionIn an effort to provide our customers with access to valuable information at a quick glance, we have created a custom area for our customers to view a quick summary of their recent test results, order statuses, privileged access technical articles and educational information. In addition, we will have information and updates available to each customer that is specific to their needs that will help them in making the best decisions regarding the reliability of their transformers and how to extend the life of their units. If you are a customer of SDMyers and would like more information about accessing the Portal, please contact us at 330.630.7000.

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At a Glance

Inspection & Testing

Some descriptionWith nearly 50 years of diagnostic lab testing experience and extensive training in field inspections, drawing accurate fluid samples, and infrared scanning, you can be assured that your transformer inspections and testing are in good hands.

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Field Service

Some descriptionWe provide a full range of Field Service solutions for transformers (such as Hot Oil Cleaning, Re-Inhibiting, Vacuum Degassing, Leak Repairs, and more) that are designed to prevent problems before a failure occurs.

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Engineering Products

Some descriptionWe provide a number of products for the proactive maintenance of your transformer and to ultimately extend the life of your unit by removing harmful moisture and contaminants from the dielectric fluids and from the solid insulation.

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Training & Education

Some descriptionWhether your organization needs fundamental or master level training, our transformer education programs are designed to provide you with the appropriate level of knowledge based on your specific needs.

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