Our MaxLife Philosophy

Everything we do, think, say and develop is focused on maximizing the cost-effective, reliable life of your high voltage equipment. It’s about exceeding expectations with benchmarks higher than status quo.

It’s About 50+ Years!


Everything We Do

Through our customer relationships and interactions with high-level advice, instructors, products and wisdom, we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations. Through our cost-effective and quality vendor relationships, and recruiting and retaining high-performing staff, our focus is on fulfilling our charter. Whether at your site or in our facility, the goal is the same — MaxLife.

Even What We Think

We have access to millions of data points from over 47 years in business to guide our thinking. That data has inspired the development of standardized test methods now used by the entire industry, as well as proprietary treatment technologies customized to the needs of the customer. Unlike much of the marketplace, the solutions we provide to customers are based on the experience of thousands of field jobs.

Even What We Say & Develop

What our customers can learn through our Training and Education programs will change everything. From fundamental electrical and transformer maintenance to procurement and acceptance testing, our instructors and technical materials have prepared thousands of companies to manage their transformers. But it doesn’t stop there! Because of the volume of test and field condition data from thousands of units, we have developed innovative new products and services. Our DryMax™ product line and the Transformer Dashboard, for example, focus on maximizing the cost-effective life of our customer’s transformers.

We hope you will join us in applying this philosophy.

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