Intelligent Transformer Podcast #1: Alan Ross & Jon Trout

In the first edition of the Intelligent Transformer Podcast, Alan Ross of SDMyers speaks with Jon Trout, Manager of Transmission Design at FirstEnergy, about the value of conferences for communicating legacy knowledge and wisdom to the next generation of electric power reliability practitioners. Alan and Jon have both presented at the Comet Conference, and talk about their experiences at that event and what differentiates Comet … Continue reading Intelligent Transformer Podcast #1: Alan Ross & Jon Trout

Safety vs Reliability

I went to Washington recently to represent the SMRP Government Relations Smart Grid Committee, of which I am now the chair. I was there with other folks from SMRP to talk about the smart grid, and we ended up talking a lot about safety. The Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals—the fastest growing reliability organization in the world—is about to become an OSHA Alliance organization. … Continue reading Safety vs Reliability

Leaders & Losers

As professionals in the field of electrical system reliability, we have a choice. We can follow the leaders, or we can follow the losers. Um… that isn’t quite what I meant by “loser.” It may seem harsh to say that there are “losers” out there, because that’s one of the words that nobody likes to hear. Well, I don’t mean “loser” in the same way kids do when they hold up an “L” on their … Continue reading Leaders & Losers

Missing the mark: Why use CMMSs for Electrical Systems?

When you think about maintenance from a reliability perspective rather than an engineering perspective, it becomes clear that transformers are somewhat of a red-headed stepchild, even though they are the heart of the electrical system. Why? Let’s take a closer look. The reliability industry has grown out of the maintenance industry. At the very core of the maintenance industry is the Computerized Maintenance Management Systems … Continue reading Missing the mark: Why use CMMSs for Electrical Systems?

3 Lessons in Reliability from the Paper Manufacturing Industry

A few weeks ago I went to a customer site where they had a meeting of the minds for their reliability team. The host was a multi-site paper manufacturer with an intelligent approach to plant reliability. The reliability team included, of course, several reliability professionals, but there were procurement people there too. That’s not unusual. We’re finding more and more that procurement and reliability often … Continue reading 3 Lessons in Reliability from the Paper Manufacturing Industry

Why Don’t They Care?

“Why don’t they care?” “About what?” “About electrical system reliability?” “Who says they don’t care?” “You do. Quite often, as a matter of fact.” That isn’t exactly how the conversation went, but you get the picture. A relatively new employee, who is about to embark on his transformer reliability career, was parroting my own words back to me. I didn’t think I said that a … Continue reading Why Don’t They Care?

Hype or Happening…will the Internet of Things (IoT) change anything?

Back in August of 1987, there was a “convergence” that supposedly marked the movement from one age to a new age, the Age of Aquarius. And for those who are too young to remember, just Google the song. Oh, darn…now it’s in my head! But I digress. (Which you should get used to when reading this blog because I love digression for context.) What does that … Continue reading Hype or Happening…will the Internet of Things (IoT) change anything?

Alan Ross

About the Author

Alan M Ross CRL, Vice President of Reliability Alan Ross is the Vice President of Reliability at SD Myers, Inc. in Tallmadge, Ohio.  He is responsible for developing and executing long-term reliability strategies and next generation leadership for all operating units, both domestically and internationally. He often presents at industry conferences and has authored several trade publication articles on transformer maintenance and reliability, including articles featured … Continue reading About the Author