At SDMyers we strive to be just as smart about safety as we are about transformers; SDMyers exceeds industry norms and customer expectations. We develop, train, and practice a "Safety First" mindset.

Our safety program is among the most highly respected in the industry, and our safety record is exceptional by any standard of measure. To reach this high standard of safety SDMyers approaches safety on multiple fronts:


SDMyers safety commitment starts from the top down. Through regular meetings and feedback our leadership is involved in our commitment to safety, raising the bar to provide first-in-class safety solutions, equipment, and training.


SDMyers ensures that all our employees are equipped with the training they need to perform the tasks required of their position. We have comprehensive training programs for both of our field groups, our laboratory staff, and our office employees. We continually review and update our safety training program and our company policies and Standard Operating Procedures to ensure our employees have the best-in-class employee training and up to date protocols.


SDMyers empowers every employee with the right to refuse any work they determine to be unsafe or beyond their physical control, without fear of reprisal. We take every safety precaution possible to protect all personnel on site, including the surrounding area and environment.

SDMyers has twice reached over a million hours without a lost time injury, first in 2014 and again in 2017. In addition, SDMyers has been honored by the Summit County Safety Council and Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation with multiple special achievements and awards since 2012.

SDMyers is a member of multiple supplier management and prequalification programs such as ISNetworld, Avetta, Browz, and DISA. Our membership in these programs shows our continued dedication to meeting the needs and requirements of our customers. In addition our excellent approval rating in these systems prove that exceed the industry norms as it relates to our safety program.

And, in April 2019, SDMyers reached a record 1,500 days without a lost-time incident.

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