Degassing/Vacuum Processing

With billions of gallons of oil processed, you can rely on us for quality degassing processing. 

When your test results indicate the presence of combustible gasses in your transformer oil, the degassing process will help restore your unit to its optimal performance level by eliminating these gasses that could eventually become a hazard. While degassing the oil will not correct the issue that causes gassing, it is necessary to address the cause of the gassing, which often involves electrical testing, inspection and repair.

SDMyers has over 47 years of experience with vacuum processing using state-of-the-art equipment and the highest quality service standards.

Degassification uses multiple passes of hot oil and vacuum to purify the oil and can be performed on an energized transformer. Oil is pulled from the transformer to the degassification unit where it is heated, vacuum degassed and filtered. The purified oil is then transferred back to the transformer where the cycle repeats until the oil quality meets OEM, IEEE, IEC or other applicable standards.

Our operators have the knowledge and experience to process on your unit with safety and quality in mind.

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