Field Service

Who can you rely on to properly service your transformer when your test results indicate that immediate action is required?

Our vast experience means reliable power for your operation. Not all field service companies are the same.  Operator experience, field procedures, quality of equipment, results of service, and pricing can vary greatly.  Throughout our 48 years of experience, we have serviced over 500,000 transformers, processed over 1 billion gallons of dielectric fluid, and we operate one of the most advanced fleets of mobile repair and oil processing rigs in the country.  With this experience and knowledge, you can be assured that our recommendations are reliable and that our service to your transformer is of utmost quality.

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We offer a full range of transformer maintenance and repair services, including:


"Breaking the Habit: Solving the 10 Common Mistakes in Substation Maintenance" – written by Bob Rasor; published in Electrical Source Magazine

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