Factory Repair & Replacement

A full range of transformer rewind, recondition and repair services for transformers ranging from 1,000 KVA to 100 MVA.

In the event that you need factory repair services or a replacement unit, our collaboration with quality factory vendors can repair units starting at 100 kVA.  We can assist with or oversee factory repairs based on your specific needs and requirements.  If you are in need of a new transformer, SD Myers can provide support with transformer quotations, specifications, or testing evaluations.

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During an inspection and assessment procedure, we can determine the extent of the repair needed and provide recommendations and a repair specification that will ensure proper service, testing, and competitive pricing.  Whether you need reconditioning services such as repainting or re-gasketing, minor repairs such as bushing replacement or tap changer repair, or remanufacturing service such as rewinding, we can provide full consultation throughout the entire repair and factory electrical testing process to ensure control and accuracy from start to finish.

  • History of reconditioning and rewinding thousands of units
  • Through the remanufacturing process, transformers are redesigned to the current standards using the latest design techniques and materials
  • Collaboration between engineering and coil manufacturing, ensures quality, control and precision from start to finish
  • Loss guarantees and other specific transformer remanufacturing requirements accomplished through our rewind service
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