Transformer Fundamentals (Introductory)

The Transformer Fundamentals track is an introduction to the concepts of transformer maintenance. Participants will cover the basic concepts of electricity and the role of a transformer in electrical transmission and distribution, the design and construction of transformers, the function of solid and liquid insulation, and the basics of testing and maintenance. Courses are available in English and Spanish, with online options for both.

Courses in the Transformer fundamentals track

Principles of Transformer Management

This course introduces the student to a range of topics summarizing the fundamentals of transformers and transformer maintenance including basic electric concepts, introduction to transformers, solid and liquid insulation, oil testing and analysis, basic electrical testing, and maintenance.

Course length: 2 days 

1.4 CEU / 14 PDH / 14 NETA CTD

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Principles of Transformer Management (Online)

Principles of Transformer Maintenance Online contains online video sessions that introduce the student to a range of topics including the basics of transformer operation and maintenance including power, solid and liquid insulation, and testing and analysis.  These 13 online video sessions are easy to access through the internet using your computer and are affordable, self-paced and convenient -- accessible anytime or anywhere.

Course Length: Online. Learn at your own pace 

0.7 CEU / 7 PDH / 7 NETA CTD 

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Principles of Transformer Management (Spanish, Online)

Principios de Mantenimiento de Transformadores Módulos en línea. Este curso incluyendo conceptos básicos eléctricos, introducción a los transformadores, aislamiento sólido y líquido, pruebas y análisis de aceite, pruebas eléctricas básicas y mantenimiento.

Course Length: Online. Learn at your own pace 

0.7 CEU / 7 PDH / 7 NETA CTD 

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Course Track options

Transformer Fundamentals (current page)

The courses featured under Transformer Fundamentals are for field professionals who perform inspections and undertake routine maintenance and testing. There is a strong focus on practical condition assessment and troubleshooting.

Maintenance Planning

The courses featured under Maintenance Planning are for field professionals including planning the maintenance, scheduling, contracting and/or managing personnel who implement electrical equipment maintenance.

Program Management

The courses featured under Program management are for risk and reliability professionals who are responsible for standard fleet maintenance practices, loss management, management of corporate equipment assets and risk, and are charged with achieving their organization’s strategic objectives.

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