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Coming to a city near you. Our instructors are on the road several times a year, teaching transformer management to professionals across the globe. We offer our core courses in cities across North America, South America, Europe, and Australia and Asia. These courses feature the same team of expert instructors, teaching in English and Spanish.


Principles of Transformer Maintenance (2-DAY COURSE)

This course introduces the student to a range of topics summarizing the fundamentals of transformers and transformer maintenance including basic electric concepts, introduction to transformers, solid and liquid insulation, oil testing and analysis, basic electrical testing, and maintenance. Students can bring their own transformer oil test data to use as a class case study and/or get personalized assistance from an instructor. *Onsite custom pricing available

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Inspection & Sampling of Fluid-Filled Transformers (1-DAY COURSE)

Learn the proper and safe procedures needed to obtain a representative sample of dielectric fluid. Features a sampling demonstration and practical exercises to obtain accurate oils samples for use in lab analysis. *Onsite custom pricing available

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LatAm 360 (3-DAY COURSE)

El envejecimiento de los transformadores en servicios y los cambios en el diseño de transformadores modernos son dos de los desafíos que enfrentan actualmente los profesionales de mantenimiento. El curso LatAm360 fue desarrollado para ayudar a equipar a la próxima generación de profesionales para enfrentar estos retos de manera competente. Configurado para la flexibilidad, este curso se divide en tres segmentos de un día que se pueden tomar como un todo o separados depende de la necesidad individual.

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Principios de Mantenimiento de Transformadores (2-Días Curso)

Este curso introduce al alumno en una serie de temas que resumen los fundamentos básicos de los transformadores y de mantenimiento del transformador.  *PreciosEspecializados para Entrenamientos En Sitio

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Transformer Management Essentials (3-DAY COURSE)

This course provides a foundational understanding of the internal and external elements of the transformer, the essentials of transformer operation and maintenance implementation and related industry standards. It covers the chemical, mechanical and electrical components of the transformer, the purpose and operating characteristics of these components, the significant requirements and methods for maintenance, and the major testing involved in maintenance. *Onsite custom pricing available

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Load Tap Changer Principles & Maintenance (1-DAY COURSE)

This class explains the theory of load tap changing and identifies the various types and styles of tap changers, their components, and sequences of operation. Additionally, this class discusses monitoring, inspections, and testing required for developing an intelligent preventative load tap changer (LTC) maintenance program. *Onsite custom pricing available

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Advanced DGA Diagnostics (1-DAY COURSE)

Learn to identify fault gases and what causes their formation. We will explain and provide examples of qualitative and quantitative interpretation of dissolved gases and how to evaluate the condition of cellulose insulation. This class will also examine the role DGA plays in new oil testing and discuss procedures to obtain a representative sample from transformers. *Onsite custom pricing available

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Electrical Testing - Power Factor Testing (1-Day Course)

This is a one-day class that gives an in depth understanding of Power Factor Testing in the field. The Power Factor is a measurement of the efficiency of the transformer's insulation system and therefore a reliable electrical test to detect deterioration that may cause significant issues with the operation of the transformer. *Onsite custom pricing available

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Advanced Transformer Management (3-DAY COURSE)

The aging of existing transformers and the changes in modern transformer design are two of the challenges currently facing maintenance professionals. The Advanced Transformer Management Course was developed to help equip the next generation of professionals to competently meet those challenges. Configured for flexibility, this course is divided into three one-day segments that may be taken as a whole or separated according to individual need. *Onsite custom pricing available

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Inspección y Muestreo de Transformadores (1-DAY COURSE)

En este curso le enseñará los procedimientos adecuados y seguros necesarios para obtener una muestra representativa del fluido dieléctrico.  *PreciosEspecializados para Entrenamientos En Sitio

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Fundamentos de Gestión de Transformadores (3-DAY COURSE)

Este curso proporciona una comprensión básica de los elementos internos y externos del transformador, lo esencial en la operación y en la ejecución de mantenimiento del transformador y las normas relacionadas de la industria. Abarca los componentes químicos, mecánicos y eléctricos del transformador, las características de uso y de operación de estos componentes, los requisitos y los métodos importantes para el mantenimiento, las pruebas y las más importantes pruebas que tienen que ver con mantenimiento. Del mismo modo, hemos incluido temas de interés como son el Riesgo y la Confiabilidad en Transformadores y el Transformer Dashboard.  *PreciosEspecializados para Entrenamientos En Sitio

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Risk and Reliability Fundamentals (1-DAY COURSE)

This seminar will provide training and education to those responsible for identifying, assessing and mitigating risks associated with distribution and power transformers.

Transformers and other electrical equipment are assets that have ongoing maintenance needs or are at risk for failure. The seminar assists participants in developing an intelligent maintenance program that will evaluate risks and consequences of failure and prioritize maintenance needs according to our data and standards, industry standards and best engineering practices.

Although the concepts and curriculum of this course may stand alone, the principles of responsible, cost-effective testing and predictive/preventive maintenance embodied in this course are based on and offer an effective conclusion to the Half Century Transformer three-day course.

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