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If you are a professional and you’re looking to certify your expertise in transformer maintenance, SDMyers offers two levels of certification that show advanced education in two specific areas. The Master Transformer Maintenance Professional certificate is for professionals who are responsible for transformer testing and maintenance. The Master Transformer Reliability Professional certification is for professionals who are responsible for transformer maintenance planning and for reliability strategy. Both require participation in advanced courses.

 Certification courses Available

Transformer Management 1 Plus (4-DAY COURSE)

This course provides a foundational understanding of the internal and external elements of the transformer, the essentials of transformer operation and maintenance implementation and related industry standards.  It covers the chemical, mechanical and electrical components of the transformer, the purpose and operating characteristics of these components, the significant requirements and methods for maintenance, and the major testing involved in maintenance. 

This course experience at our Tallmadge facility includes lab and equipment tours, rewind facility tour, case studies, break-out groups, expert panel discussion, practical exercises, and interactive activities.

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Transformer Management 2 (3-DAY COURSE)

After a brief review, this course builds on the foundational concepts taught in the Transformer Management - Level 1 Plus (and Transformer Management Level 1 Course). Students will dive deeper into the concepts of reactive, predictive, and preventative maintenance of transformers and be able to develop a cost-effective testing and maintenance plan to prolong the reliable life of their transformers.

This course will get the student familiar with the substation and system equipment, as well as additional understanding of transformer design and construction. This course provides the advanced knowledge and develops the skills to identify and analyze / interpret chemical test results, identify maintenance recommendations based on chemical and electrical tests, manage service specifications, and make critical maintenance / planning decisions. We further build and work on the application of this advanced education through practical exercise, interactive activities, etc. thus increasing the learning retention, applicability of concepts and overall experience.

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Transformer Management 3 (3-DAY COURSE)

This course provides the knowledge to successfully plan and manage in the lifecycle of the transformer:  from specification and purchasing; to transportation, assembly and start-up; to field and shop repair options, including end-of-life options; to overall risk and asset management.  Develop and manage a maintenance program and/or lead the overall delivery of that program.  Create purchase and repair specifications, coordinate factory inspections, understand acceptance testing, adhere to transportation and installation requirements, create risk assessments, and make proper field or shop repair decisions.

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Gestión de Transformadores 2 (4-DAY COURSE)

Después de un repaso breve, este curso se basa en los conceptos fundamentales que se enseñan en Gestión de Transformadores 1 Plus (y en el curso Gestión de Transformadores 1). Los estudiantes profundizarán en los conceptos de mantenimiento reactivo, predictivo y preventivo de transformadores y podrán desarrollar un plan de mantenimiento y prueba rentable de extender la vida confiable de sus transformadores.

Este curso va a familiarizar el estudiante con una subestación y el equipo de sistema, así como también con conocimientos adicionales sobre el diseño y la construcción del transformador. Este curso proporciona conocimiento avanzado y desarrolla las habilidades para identificar y analizar, interpretar los resultados de pruebas químicas, identificar recomendaciones de mantenimiento basadas en pruebas químicas y eléctricas, gestionar especificaciones de servicios y tomar decisiones críticas de mantenimiento y planificación. Además, desarrollamos y trabajamos en la aplicación de esta educación avanzada a través de ejercicios, actividades interactivas, etc. lo que aumenta la retención del aprendizaje, la aplicabilidad de los conceptos y la experiencia en general.

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