Frankfurt, Germany | October 8-11, 2018

Bundled Courses
Advanced Transformer Management Inspection & Sampling of Fluid-Filled Transformers
October 8 - 11, 2018
Registration Cost
$1,750.00 USD
Group Discounts Available.
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Day 1 - Day 4

Advanced Transformer Management (formerly Transformer 360)

The aging of existing transformers and the changes in modern transformer design are two of the challenges currently facing maintenance professionals. The Advanced Transformer Management Course was developed to help equip the next generation of professionals to competently meet those challenges. Configured for flexibility, this course is divided into three one-day segments that may be taken as a whole or separated according to individual need.

What You'll Learn

The first day is our Transformer Management Essentials: Re-Energized course, followed by four half-day sessions of foundational information on Risk and Reliability, DGA, LTC and Electrical Testing.

Inspection & Sampling of Fluid-Filled Transformers

Learn the proper and safe procedures needed to obtain a representative sample of dielectric fluid. Features a sampling demonstration and practical exercises to obtain accurate oils samples for use in lab analysis.

What You'll Learn

  • Safety hazards and PPE requirements.
  • Identify transformers that require extraordinary procedures to obtain samples.
  • Gain knowledge of transformers, auxiliary equipment, accessories and other equipment.
  • Learn proper oil sampling procedures.
  • Learn how proper samples lead to a more accurate trending history.

This course is also available as customer on-site training.

Topics Covered

  • Safety
  • Special Care Transformers
  • Transformer Part & Visual Inspection
  • Inspection Forms/Nameplates/Gauges
  • Sampling Containers
  • Proper Sampling
  • Nitrogen Blanket
  • Packaging
  • Why Oil Test
  • The importance of monitoring the insulation
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