Intelligent Transformer Podcast #3: Alan Ross & Tony Dotson

Insurance companies require Industrial facilities to test their electric power systems, which includes transformers. Often, though, management are unsure of what to do with the test results beyond providing them to the insurance company. The results are filed away, and an essential part of the company’s reliability plan is overlooked. Alan Ross speaks to Tony Dotson, of WestRock, about how the paper company began to use that data, … Continue reading Intelligent Transformer Podcast #3: Alan Ross & Tony Dotson

Why is Nobody Talking About This?

I had to learn a lot to become a transformer reliability leader. I have an engineering background and a transformer maintenance and testing background, but to be the practitioner I wanted to be I had to get educated. I sought out reliability knowledge. I found much of that knowledge through reading and research. It started with Google searches and Wikipedia articles, and it eventually led … Continue reading Why is Nobody Talking About This?

5 Steps to Securing Commitment for a Transformer Reliability Program

When you start to put a risk and reliability program together for high voltage electrical equipment—primarily transformers—you have to go through a cultural change. I’ve seen it repeatedly, both in the industrial marketplace and the utility marketplace. It’s never a one-person decision. Step #1: The Reliability Leader As a reliability leader, we can normally veto any project, but more often than not we cannot say … Continue reading 5 Steps to Securing Commitment for a Transformer Reliability Program

Missing the mark: Why use CMMSs for Electrical Systems?

When you think about maintenance from a reliability perspective rather than an engineering perspective, it becomes clear that transformers are somewhat of a red-headed stepchild, even though they are the heart of the electrical system. Why? Let’s take a closer look. The reliability industry has grown out of the maintenance industry. At the very core of the maintenance industry is the Computerized Maintenance Management Systems … Continue reading Missing the mark: Why use CMMSs for Electrical Systems?

Alan Ross

About the Author

Alan M Ross CRL, Vice President of Reliability Alan Ross is the Vice President of Reliability at SD Myers, Inc. in Tallmadge, Ohio.  He is responsible for developing and executing long-term reliability strategies and next generation leadership for all operating units, both domestically and internationally. He often presents at industry conferences and has authored several trade publication articles on transformer maintenance and reliability, including articles featured … Continue reading About the Author

Risk & Reliability of Transformers

Getting experts to agree on most things is challenging at best, and often, downright impossible. Getting transformer experts to agree might be even more challenging. Despite the fact that transformers have been around for nearly a century—and with varying opinions on transformer design and maintenance—most experts agree that not all transformer failures are alike. Also widely recognized is that the life of the insulation or … Continue reading Risk & Reliability of Transformers