I really hate this… really.

So this this a heck of a way to start a blog on reliability, with a picture and video link to what a catastrophic failure of a transformer looks like. If you’ve been in this industry for any length of time you have probably seen it. It is a mess.

It’s kind of cool unless of course this was your transformer. It can be career defining in a bad way.

That’s what this blog is all about. While I believe that the sensational gets the attention, it is really the normal, everyday, routine that we should be paying attention to. Unfortunately too few people are paying attention. I’d like to help change that.

When my 30 year old son asked me why I was writing a blog about transformer reliability, I told him it was because I am passionate about reliability of electrical systems (it’s my job by the way) and that every day I saw companies and people at risk. And it’s risk that could easily be avoided. I have spent most of my career fixing other people’s messes. As a “turn-around” expert, it was my job to come into a company and turn the whole company or a division – around. That means they must have been going in the wrong direction, right?

I want this blog to focus on turning around our maintenance and reliability practices for transformers, because too often we are going in the wrong direction, and it will cost us. So…if you are one of the four of these types of people, then welcome to the ongoing saga of Transformer Reliability:

  • You are responsible for a plant or facility that uses electrical power to make things that others buy
  • You are in the power generation, transmission or distribution industry
  • You are a reliability professional seeking more knowledge and a forum
  • You are a reliability professional seeking more knowledge and a forum

Remember, it’s a forum. This is not the place to promote your company or your product/service but a place to share ideas, information and become part of a community committed to electrical system reliability.