Transformer Maintenance & Management Training

Knowledge means power when it comes to electrical system maintenance and management. 

We offer a variety of training options…


Knowledge Means: Benefit

With SDMyers’ training, both the organization and the individual participant benefit from our experience and knowledge of 40 plus years of high voltage equipment substation management – millions of fluid tests; over 500,000 transformers serviced; over 1 billion gallons of oil processing experience; IEEE, ASTM, IEC standard committee members and more.

Experience our experience!

Course benefits to your organization:

  • Immediate effect and impact – Participants gain new skills that immediately add value to your organization.
  • Empowering employees – Develop the skills necessary to provide reliable power using knowledge-based tools.
  • Decrease total cost of Ownership – Reduce capital expenses through proper maintenance and management by extending the reliable life of your equipment.

Course benefits for you:

  • Impact your career – Deepen your knowledge and build your skills
  • Variety of courses – Select what’s best suited for you now and for your future
  • Build a diverse network of peers
  • Continued Education Units

Knowledge Means: Competence

Courses designed to give you the knowledge and ability to perform when you need to. The knowledge gained from our training gives you the ability to respond and implement what is necessary to extend the reliable life of your electrical equipment. This knowledge also leads to the wisdom of prevention.

  • Increase understanding and expertise
  • Gain command of equipment life extension techniques and skills
  • Prepare the next generation of experts based on 40 plus years of hands-on field, laboratory and manufacturing experience

Knowledge Means: Confidence

Courses which build confidence as you navigate a changing technical environment. When people have the appropriate knowledge, they have confidence to:

  • Plan applying appropriate maintenance and management strategies
  • Respond with speed and accuracy
  • Network with other technically competent people
  • Build, maintain and apply life extension practices

Knowledge Means: Reliability

Develop the confidence to maintain reliable electrical equipment which comes from knowing the right thing, at the right time in any given situation. This ultimately results in system reliability.

  • Cost effective, reliable electric systems leading to reliable uninterrupted power
  • Reduced capital expenditures
  • Equipment preservation
  • Life extension of your critical equipment

Knowledge Means: Power

This is the offer from SDMyers Training and Education — The knowledge to keep your power reliable by developing competent, confident and reliable people in your organization.

  • Leaders in the industry
  • Power which doesn’t stop
  • Resources to support the current and changing marketplace
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